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    Default Advice on HGT and SJT Needed!

    I purchased both HGT and SJT early in the year. However, I just took a look at my account and found that since the prices of both stocks have dropped significantly, the market value of my portfolio has dropped.
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    Since they are both very bearish according Analyst Opinions on, shall I sell all of them? Then I'll realize a loss and hopefully I can deduct my loss from my income for tax purposes.

    Would you sell both HGT and SJT now, if you were in my shoes?
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    To answer the question I would actually have to be in your shoes. The decision to sell or not depends on many variables. What is your goal in your trading? How much can you afford to lose? What is your timeframe for gains? Are you speculating for high returns or investing for long term gains? You need to provide more information to receive an informed answer.
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    Of all the income trusts I prefer LINE which is actually set up more as an MLP than a trust.
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    Thierry - My goal is to maximize my overall portfolio value. I can afford to lose several thousand dollars. That is, I can afford to sell all of the shares of these two stocks. However, I'll need to buy another bullish stock at the same time to get in the market. Correct?

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