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Thread: You know you're retired when...

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    You know you're retired when...

    I've only been retired a year and it still takes some getting used to.

    The other day I mentioned that I was going on vacation soon. A friend told me - "Vacation? You're retired! You're always on vacation!"

    It really dawned on me - I'm retired.

    Other that the first few mornings that you got to sleep in, did you have a Aha moment when it really sunk in that you're retired?

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    When I got to the neighborhood pool and was surprised to find it crowded. I'd forgotten in was the weekend.

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    We still go on vacation in retirement. It is basically a change of scenery from every day.

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    I've come to love Mondays now because all the crowds get off the road and out of the grocery, etc.

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    when you can't wait for the weekend to be over and look forward to Mondays!

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