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    Default I want to start learning about stocks and investments

    Can anyone help me with this? I am currently a student in Canada, so I am not a PR or a citizen. Can I still buy stocks and such for US companies, or any other companies in the world? What will I need to start off?
    Thanks for any help.
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    Yes all the brokers that I know about in Canada sell US traded stocks as well as Canadian. Many sell stocks at exchanges from around the world.

    When I am trading with TD Waterhouse, I have the choice, for a stock like Apple for instance, to buy it on the Toronto Stock Exchange or on the NASDAQ. You can also trade in US funds or Canadian funds.
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    All the different brokers have different minimums for deposit, and different fees. Questrade is good for low fees, TD charges 29.99 a trade while Questrade charges 9.99. You need to shop around. Also trading options in Canada is a little more regulated, you have to pass some kind of credit check for that.
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    Why don't you browse through our trading bookstore here - lots of books and systems and ideas. You don't need to buy a high-priced service or system unless you need the personal mentoring that some of those programs offer. Learn as much as you can on your own and then pay for additional services when you figure out what you want to do. Like any skill, trading requires a learning period before you will be good at it.
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    I have posted most of this before...

    Learning to trade is definitely a process. Perhaps the worst thing you can do is set out to make money. I understand that that sounds counterintuitive, but it's true nonetheless. I suggest making your goal to become a trader... then to become a good trader... then to become a great trader. If you can do these things, I promise you the money will follow.

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