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    Blood Pressure Pills

    Sorry if there is already a thread about this but I recently added to a very old discussion on another subject (in UK news) and got my knuckles rapped by the admin on here who said I should have begun a new thread, not added to an old one - so this is what I am doing.

    Four days ago I was prescribed Lisinopril for high bp (200/105) and I am feeling spaced out and very very tired. I wondered how many of you bp meds takers took your pills at night instead of the morning. I seem to get very sleepy about three hours after taking it and get a pounding head . Are these the sort of side effects that disappear in the end? I was prescribed Amlodipine a year ago but only lasted five days on it - my feet swelled so much that I could not get my shoes on. If I had been sensible I would have returned to the GP for other meds but I just decided to ignore it. At last I have seen sense and gone for more medical advice but I just want to feel less rubbish than I do now.

    Encouraging stories welcomed

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    I find it takes time to find a brand that suits you, the first I had gave me a continuous dry cough the second made me sneeze the third ones were fine.

    You just need to keep going back to the GP till you find ones that suit ~ I get the impression that they start off with the cheapest and then work upwards

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    It's so hard to get an appointment though. My first follow-up is in two weeks time. The thought of this banging head for another ten days is not a happy one.

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    Sorry to hear this Mashedpotatoes. i started on Perindopril 2mgs and had the cough for a few weeks but that soon disappeared. Back end of last year, Amlodipine 10mgs was added in and, my gawd, I felt so spaced out on that and by evening my ankles right up to my knees were so oedematous, I could barely walk. I have since been prescribed Lercanidipine instead and I feel great, no side effects at all. I take my meds first thing in the morning. I have an annual review and bloods taken and a follow up with the surgery twice a year and my bp sits quite happily at around 128/80. Mashedpotaotes, do you monitor your bp at home? I have a monitor ( bought it in Boots), not expensive and identical to the ones used in my gp surgery. This enabled me to sort out my problems by having telephone consultations with my gp and I was able to feed back my results to her.

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    I've been toying with buying a monitor. Your post has swung it. Thank you

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