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Thread: Staying home during showings?

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    Staying home during showings?

    I'm so tired of showing my house! It's been on the market for a month, with about 3 showings per week (My realtor says that's good for a home in this price range).

    I just hate packing up me and my dog to drive around for an hour (because I can't take the dog into a store, library, etc) and it's too hot here (TX) to just walk the neighborhood or a park during showings.

    I've already had a few "no show" showings (very frustrating), and a few others that have been 10 minutes or less (my alarm system shows me exactly when every door is opened/closed/locked etc). And then I feel so annoyed that I've interrupted my day, done a cleaning blast, driven around for an hour, for nothing.

    If I stay "out of the way" would people consider it completely weird if I didn't leave for showings? (Yes, of course, my realtor says it's best to leave, but I'm asking what YOU would think if a seller hung out in the back yard or pool or somewhere unobtrusive).

    BTW, moving van is packing up everything in 3 weeks, whether the house has sold or not, so I can join hub in UT where his new job started a couple months ago. So I don't actually have much longer to put up with showings, but it already feels like an eternity. (We've done this many times, but for some reason I am not coping well this time).

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    I would imagine it's fine for you to hang with the pooch by the door and be ready to leave when they arrive. Then, since you know they leave by your alarm app, you can go home.

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    My personal opinion is that it is a really nice courtesy to a prospective buyer to leave the house for a showing. You can stay if you wish but it will be hard for you and your dog to go unnoticed.

    Once I had a realtor return with their client right after their showing stating the client wanted to look at the house again. I just stayed in the backyard when that happened. We've only moved 3 times. Two of those listings were sold on the first showing.

    You probably have a lot of stress with your husband gone and dealing with the movers and the realtor. I think it's understandable that you feel you're not coping well. Chin up, the goal line is in sight.

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    3 showings a week is not very much. That should not be putting you out. Staying at the house makes buyers feel uncomfortable. It makes them not be able to say what they want to say. It also makes them feel obligated to continue to view a house that they don't like because they don't want the seller to feel bad that they just got there and are now leaving.

    You need to at least prepare to leave the house when they get there. Take the dog for a walk with some water in case they're there for 30 minutes. Most showings are a mere 10 minutes, so I'm not sure why you're complaining at people being there 10 minutes.

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    If we were still in the market for a home purchase, I would not feel comfortable with the seller present. It would be awkward to look in the closets ( to see how much storage) etc, There must be someplace you can walk the dog for 10 or 15 minutes. I hope you move to reunite with hub comes quickly & smoothly.

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