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    Default Stock Trade Ideas April 24th - Trading Room Guest Access Friday!

    LOTE dang near doubled since I first posted the chart here. I'd love to see more of these types this summer. Higher priced promos have been working lately (ECAU, GNIN recent examples) while true penny stock pumps just get dumped.

    Our Trading room will be open to guests on Friday. I will post a link and password Thursday night. Here's 2 stocks to watch Wednesday. More in the trading room tomorrow!

    SCON - Awesome alerts in the trading room on it Tuesday. Watching for follow through then look to short any crazy spikes.

    LQDT - watch 35 break to send it into the gap.
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    Can't believe LOTE is still going that's crazy, let's get rich today man keep the hot streak goin
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    I did suggest it was a short this morning after it gapped up a bit in the trading room. Sadly, I had no borrows on it; but it was only a matter of time before it crashed. That is why I always recommend selling on the way up. If you try to find exact top, often you may be caught in the crash. The whole point of this game is just to make money. As long as you remember that you will be fine. Pay yourself for a good trade, no reason to be greedy, there will always be another stock.
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    Yep thank god I asked you before buying in.
    Great call on NOR today man I sold that @ 4.39 + .43 made almost 200 bucks weve been killin it everyday since last wednesday with EXAS
    Keep it up man you and mike been doing a great job recently let's keep makin that money

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