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Thread: Searching for SIPP platform for my wife - Thoughts and Experiences?

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    Searching for SIPP platform for my wife - Thoughts and Experiences?

    Asking for thoughts on and general experience with SIPP platforms -

    I am currently looking into potential SIPP platforms for my wife. She is currently paying into a pension scheme through her employer, but would like to expand into a SIPP, as she has a limited availability of funds to select in her employer scheme. In the SIPP, she would not invest in individual stocks, but only funds, trusts and index trackers.

    I am with Bestinvest (Share & Stock ISA & SIPP) and am quite happy with the charges and service I am getting - have just started last year so the pot is still quite small. However, I don't want to just blindly open the same thing for her at Bestinvest before browsing around and researching a little more.

    Hence I was wondering what your SIPP provider of choice is? I'm reading a lot about Cavendish being a very good low-cost option, any experience with these guys? Or are you with one of the established players like Hargreaves, Fidelity or AJ Bell ..?

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    My wife and I both have SIPPs with HL. OK, their charges can be on the high side, but this depends on what sort of investments you hold, how often you trade and how large your portfolio is. HL actually works out very well for us with our IT/ETF portfolios so we pay less than 0.1% pa in charges.

    Drawdown fees are zero too, unlike some of the supposedly cheaper platforms. And the icing on the cake is that I can manage both SIPPs from a single login and switch between them at will.

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    I am with AJBell, and very happy.

    That being said, I don't do funds, and from memory HL was a cheaper option for funds when I looked a few years back.
    If your wife stuck to IT's, they are treated as shares and the charge is a maximum of 25 per quarter depending on pot size.

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    It would be a brand new pot, probably starting with 1k and then switch to monthly direct debit, so the pot is for now as small as can be ;-)

    We'd probably buy 4-5 broad index's and IT's in total, throw money at them every month and let them accumulate. So not really any active trading going on.

    Given that is the case, would you still recommend HL due to their offerings and general usability ? AJ Bell might not be that suitable for a small pot? Or is it only a 0.25% charge on the whole portfolio?


    EDIT: My Bestinvest is at 0.3% for under 250k portfolio at the moment, and also no drawdown fees later on afaik.

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