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Thread: New start for 2018 - help please !

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    New start for 2018 - help please !

    I am an amateur investor but have been doing it for 50 years ! I have analysed my family’s SIPPs for 2017 and since 1/4/2016. One has gone up this year by 27% (all in US shares) , another 26% (in UK investment trusts changed once a month if I think they will continue a losing run) and my SIPP is a disaster making only 3% - serves me right for taking risks.

    I need to do better, as at some stage I might need to use it (I am 70 now). I have 100,000. What should I put it into apart from my favourites of : BIOG, FGT, FJV, HRI, HSL, IBT, MNKS, PCT, POLR, WWH, ATT, TRG, Castlefield Buffetology.

    I already have holdings of TEM, BUR, IGC, IBT, FJV, SEC, JMI, BIOG, BRSC, FGT, BNKR & WWH, FQUIT. Max value in any one share is 7,337 in FQUIT. Total value of those shares now is 41,000 (too much boitechnology I hear you say.....)

    Help please – and no scolding please – at least its my own money that I ‘gambled’ with.

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    I can tell you what I'm doing.

    Stocks are quite expensive .. So I think you have to plan for lower likely returns at some point – whether that comes in the form of a crash, or a period of directionless markets.

    So if it's a crash, you probably want to own Quality stocks; if it's a low return 10 years, you want to minimise fees .. So I've been retreating back to the safety nets of Fundsmith and Lindsell Train Global, *and* buying more of those kinds of stocks individually.

    I'm a serial fund collector, but you don't really gain much diversifying beyond about 8 stocks – so I know holding several hundred/thousand via dozens of funds isn't efficient.

    And when you look at some of these giants, from Google to Johnson & Johnson, they are sort of like funds themselves (they buy up tech start-ups, rivals, and own multiple brands/franchises) – except sans fees, you find they provide about twice the income (not a bad thing if returns are going to be harder to come by) .. Or the other route is to take more risk: more Emerging Mkts, more sector bets (like Biotech) – but of course you have to be happy with a wider range of possible outcomes

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    So, no longer Lifestrategy or Global Index Funds/Trust/ETFs?

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