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    Default Strategies for trading short term for profits?

    I am new to trading and I hear that a lot of people trade for profits, like "swing trade". I was wondering if anyone could provide some general tips on how exactly this is done and how to know when to get in and when to get out. Also what is more or less the average amount this is done with I would assume quite a large amount of money to see any real profits. Any insight and info would be helpful. Thanks.
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    If you want to be successful at swing trading, I'd suggest you adopt a contrarian outlook on the market. When everyone else is buying you sell. When everyone else is selling, you buy. The trick is to find stocks which are oversold or overbought.

    I'd say average account size necessary around 20-40k. If you trade derivatives, you can profit with lower account size.
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    I agree look at my figures last month LNKD market going down
    12 FEB 13 BUY LINKD 1000 IN 199.50 OUT 200.00 PROFIT 482.50
    12 FEB 13 BUY LNKD 1000 IN 199.20 OUT 199.50 PROFIT 282.50
    13 FEB 13 BUY LNKD 1000 IN 193.00 OUT 199.60 PROFIT 582.63
    13 FEB 13 BUY LNKD 1000 IN 193.00 OUT 193.50 PROFIT 482.62
    13 FEB 13 BUY LNKD 1000 IN 192.25 OUT 192.30 PROFIT 32.62 ( market went too far down and I got out -- with a profit)
    14 FEB 13 BUY LNKD 1000 IN 189.00 OUT 190.00 PROFIT 982.68
    14 FEB 13 BUY LNKD 1000 IN 189.50 OUT 189.60 PROFIT 82.70
    14 FEB 13 BUY LNKD 1000 IN 189.00 OUR 189.50 PROFIT 482.69
    and around 6 more trades just like this. Making money going long when the market is going south.
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    1. When to get in and out is what you have to learn on your own. There's Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis, trend-spotting, chart-watching, and a few more profit-making methods. You have to study and find what works for you. It's best to take small, consistent profits rather than look for that one "big score".

    2. Some guys have started with $1000 or even only $500 and made it work. In my opinion, it's going to take you a long time to build your account if you start with anything less than $10k. As long as your account balance is under $25k, as an individual swing trader you should be able to pull in at least 10% gains per month, on average. Once your account balance is over $25k, then you can stop swing trading and start day trading. Profits are kind of limitless then.
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    An avg gain of 10% per month on your acct would double your holdings every 7.2 months........Pretty sure that is not realistic for most of us. I don't have any numbers to support that, just tryna keep it real.

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