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    Default JPM, BSC, and V- Your purchase thoughts

    These are three stocks that I'd like to get into. However, I'd like some advice from the more experience.

    JPM- Still a good buy? It's up 4 bucks today. Wonder what tamorow will bring.
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    BSC- Anyone think this is a good stock to hold. @ 4 a share, I can't imagine it would go anywhere but up with time... Am I right?

    V- Looking forward to this IPO. I'd like to put quite a bit of money in it as I have a feeling they will do very well.

    I'm just looking for some opinions on these stocks..
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    I wouldn't advise being long any financial company just yet, we could still see downside, but if your timeframe is long moving in now might not be the worst thing you could do.
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    BSC is unlikely to be going up from here, in fact I am amazed it's at 4.81. The JPM offer is approximately .05 shares for each BSC share which is 2.025 at the moment. I guess if you think there is hope for the deal to fall through and for BSC to recover, it would be wildly speculative.
    V looks good, I am in. I would have a price limit in mind because you might be stuck with it if the run up runs down fast.
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    does anyone know when v will hit the market?

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