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Thread: Student Finance not paying full tuition?

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    Student Finance not paying full tuition?

    I'm attending a uni in my town that's slightly cheaper than other universities. It costs 7,950 per year. My loans got confirmed recently and I noticed I was short on my tuition fee. They're paying the uni 7,500 which is 450 short.

    I was under the impression all students were entitled to full tuition. This 7500 was the amount the course cost last year and it's since gone up so I'm hoping it's more of a clerical issue or something. There's no way I'll be able to find 450 to top this up.

    Has anyone had any similar issues before?

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    It means that the uni have not told SFE what the new fee is. SFE will ask the uni, and will then only pay the amount they have confirmed.

    The good news for you is that everyone will be in this situation!

    The uni need to tell SFE the correct amount, and then SFE will reassess you.

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    Cheers ..... I've had a look at Verify but I pulled out when it asked me for photographs of things .......... I don't have a mobile phone or a camera .........

    It's too much trouble !

    The lack of information as to how to register and sign in on the Government site is remarkable ....... they should have a user friendly step by step guide that you can read before you start so you know what's going to be involved and how many hoops you've got to jumps through

    they don't deserve my participation ......... I'll carry on using paper and sending cheques

    sod 'em !

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