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Thread: Seat of Bennelong, who to vote for?

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    Seat of Bennelong, who to vote for?

    I'm in the all important seat of Bennelong, that has been held by the former tennis player John Alexander.
    The background is that he wasn't certain he didn't have dual citizenship so the seat is going to a by election.

    The two major candidates are John Alexander (Liberal) and Kristina Keneally (Labor), with the minor parties maybe only important with preferences.

    Anyway... do I vote for JA even though I think he has been useless for our local area? Or do I vote Labor, who I am not so sure should be running the country?

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    Do you think Kristina Keneally was good for NSW? If yes, vote for her. If not, don't vote for her.

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    Was awful for NSW so will be the same for the seat.

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    Yes, KK was awful for NSW. But a Liberal for Bennelong will be much worse for Australia.

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    How so? John Howard represented the seat for 33-ish years.

    And with amount of phone polling that has been going on within the electorate (ie. every day from all parties and research groups, one can only vote with extreme fatigue...

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