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    hi all this is my new modification of the oanx system it is a manual trading system i have put the numbers together in this system and i would like to share it with you and it is view in different instruments we all know that trading is so hard and that many traders loss there money and why because they choose the wrong entry point i think that my system gives a good entry point if you use it the right why and guess what i am looking for joy from making people win in this market .every one will say why do you share your system i would say that i am a people fan i like people and like to help them i hope that i can make good friends too i tried to post in many forums but they dont offer the submitting options from start so i have posted here .
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    any currency you want an analysis for it just post it .and i am using a strong good system.i know many have used it but not as i use it as i invented it and i know how it works
    we will take a look at the eur usd with monthly time frame i am using altrade timing and it is the best timing for charting .as we see from eurusd chart and with oanfx system the trend is up and we will see new levels coming you can say it as lines at this levels we should have some bounce and we have signs to know that bounce
    i hope you will enjoy using the system and the view
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    here is the system attached with templates all in raw
    my best wishs
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    I also am unhappy that most traders fail, so I also want to tell people about the malagutFX system. here are my buy and sell signals on a daily chart. I think its ok. I hope you will enjoy using the system and view
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    looks like a great system for me thank you very much for sharing it i will keep my eye on it
    my best wishes and regards
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    we will have a look at silver now as i think it is in a down trend for 26-27 as target and may be lower
    you can see the view at charts

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