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Thread: Credit card agents

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    Credit card agents

    Do those credit card agents earn their commissions through card approvals? Pestered by them for a few times to sign up for new credit cards. They keep telling me to sign up first and cancel it if I dont have much use for it after 6 months.

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    Of course. Ever see those cashback promo which typically says: 1) get $138 cashback when you sign up online, 2) get $100 when you sign up with assistance? the $38 goes to the agent comission liao

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    nowdays, i wonder how long they have to stand ard just to get 1 person to sign up...

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    i rather i just sign up online, most of them are just part timer. If they lost your application, it will just be a simple sorry.

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    I already signed a couple of credit cards with those agents, after much pestering from them.Feel that I am "helping" those agents to earn their commissions since I dont have much use for those credit cards signed from them. They keep saying sign up to try first and cancel it after 6 months if I have no use for them.

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