Thread: Protential problems with GLD as gold skyrockets?

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    andy g

    Default Protential problems with GLD as gold skyrockets?

    So this GLD ETF, do they really have all that gold incase the price should skyrocket to $2000+?

    If someone buy's $10Million worth of GLD shares what exactly is going on? Are they allocating the metal to the GLD trust? If so how come all that gold was unallocated? Clearly there are more buyers than sellers
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    I like holding it over physical metal because I don't want to tie up too much money in physical gold right now, but I fear that there are going to be problems with this ETF's should things get worse and gold skyrocket.
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    I think we are overbought on GLD and am short going into this week. Combination of the technical condition and the potential market rally this week leads me to that position.
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    So much talk about gold lately, many commercials, many people touting it heck even craigslist is full of people wanting to buy gold...even gold teeth! Isn't there an old saying about selling when you see Main Street doing what Wall Street has been doing for quite some time already?
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    hehehe. the paradigm is broken though. what other safe place is there? perhaps not this ETF, but i dont see the trend slowing any time soon.

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