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    I too have been on the unfortunate end of losing my poker money =(. I have been researching on trading and I am not really sure what I would want to do. I'd like to make it a job BUT, I don't have enough money to start with for that to happen. I can only work with 1k right now so what is the best way to start? Put it all in one company and let it ride while I learn/earn more to use in the market later? Or wait until I have more money/understanding? For it to be more of a job later on should I just focus all my time on studying day/swing trading? I understand its a very low amount to start with but when I have enough to use, I want to be able to have this as primary source of income. I've been on bad runs in poker for months at a time so I understand the stress that can come with it and how to manage the money/stop loss, all of that.
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    Main question that I'm asking is there such thing as "coaching" for this? I learn more efficiently with someone showing me what and why its done than from me reading it and experimenting with what I read. I'd like to minimize losses from trials and rather spend it on someone who can help lead the way for me to be a successful trader years down the line.
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    Let's start with a reality check.... You can't do anything with $1000.

    That said, let's talk about what it takes to trade full time.

    Let's say you want an income of $48,000/year. That's $4000/month. If you can be a stellar trader and consistently make 5%/month (60%/year), then you will need a nest egg of $80k to do this. So think of that as the target amount you'll need to begin to approach the concept of "trading for a living". Of course if you only average 2%/month, you will need $200k to make it happen.

    Keep in mind that most investors get returns in the 5-15% annual range, so you are going to have to be pretty exceptional in your skill level to get to 5%/month. How do you get there? Education and coaching. And oh, by the way, poor education and coaching will just put you in a position to LOSE 5% a month till you're broke in 18 months. If you don't know what you're doing, you will lose money, guaranteed.
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    Send me a private message, and I'll send you an PDF book to get you started. Beyond that, go to your library or book store and read... read tons. And save your money and don't trade till you have $5k at least; preferably $10k.
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    Another caveat - the market right now is really hard... lots of volatility. Nobody knows when Greece is going to croak and take down the Euro, or if we will have a debt ceiling, or when inflation will kick in, or if corporate earnings will be good, etc... very difficult environment.

    Bottom line... You've got a lot of education ahead of you. Go slow. Keep your money. Maybe one day you can trade for a living.

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