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    The following quote touches on the issue of the President trying to find and amicable resolution to the healthcare problem in America
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    My position is we either ought to go with a complete overhaul of the system and implement a single-payer universal plan where we all chip in via taxes, or we simply rescind government care altogether including Medicare and Medicaid. With so many already dependent on government funded care it is likely the former will happen before the later. So why tip-toe around the fact the health insurance industry ought be disolved? Because they are massive campaign contributors and the politicians are in their pockets.

    Obama's plan will likely pass. And it will eventually fail. It has the potential to bring this country to its knees it ballooning expenses. Where a single-payer system could save us a hybrid is flawed. Many MDs and nurses are advocating a single-payer as a cost-saving vehicle. Administrative costs due to the myriad forms and filings necessary to receive payment from the fragmentation of our healthcare industry due to the manifold participants has caused a ballooning of expenses for hospitals and doctors' offices.
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    The following discusses just how much of our healthcare expenses are due to paperwork which could be eliminated under a single-payer system:

    Furthermore, for reference here is testimony from a Massachusetts MD where they have already implemented a public option plan very similar to what the President is proposing on a national level. Note he is not advocating adopting the system he is already operating under.
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    I think universal coverage is a terrible idea. But, business is tired of insuring against the lottery ticket tort lawyer.......So, there are very few that will stand in its way.

    The ultimate outcome of this will be we will ship the routine surgery procedures to another low cost provider........and thus........more jobs lost.

    But, on the other hand, you're going to have world class facilities that cater to extra wealthy. Competition to work there will be fierce and they will draw the best talent.

    The rest.......will go into plastic surgery or other lucrative elective surgery fields.

    While public health will be increasingly dominated by substandard care, rationing based on politics, and long waits for routine surgery.

    But, it won't be overnight.

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