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Thread: Transferring child benefit contributions

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    Transferring child benefit contributions

    My husband is reaching retirement age (tomorrow!) and won't be getting the full state pension. We would like to transfer some of the contributions I got from receiving child benefit as I was working at the time so it won't affect my pension. I spoke to someone at DWP and they said I can't transfer them until I reach retirement age (which is 12 years from next Tuesday). That doesn't seem right to me and I have had mis-information on his pension when speaking to other people within the DWP.

    Does anyone know if we can transfer the child benefit credits? The forms I have seen online seem to say we CAN transfer them.

    In case you need this info: we are married and have always been married since receiving CHB. Our children are 25 and 26 years old respectively,. The period I would like to transfer to him I was working and he was at home.

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    You would have received Home Responsibility Credits rather than National Insurance Credits.

    Jut complete the appropriate claim form , send it off and see what happens.

    If you are not eligible then you will receive written confirmation.

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    Thanks for your reply sheramber. Yes, they were Home Responsibility credits but they are showing on my pension statement as NIC. I filled in an online form to get my CHB number so I can complete the transfer form.

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    I thought that this was only post 2010 ?

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    What did you think was only post 2010?

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