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    The last time I posted on PAL I made a profit, and a great exit on them. So... I'm back into PAL with a lot more money into it. I did this for 2 reasons.

    1: I understand PAL and am comfortable there.
    2: Palladium is more in demand each year as places like India and China grow. Palladium demand vs supply.... It's short each year.
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    PAL did me for 3.14% yesterday. I couldn't get in fast enough at opening but still did well. Pretty much what I expected. I didn't use my slot machine motto, and held til closing bell(take your days pay and walk). Yeah, you CAN make lots of money on those, too! Hopefully today I'll between 2 and 4% I might walk on that.
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    Pattern 2 days this week, twice now tops out at 3.14% for the day. On round 3 I sell.

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