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    Default Lithium market; anyone in it?

    A guy told me about this yesterday. The lithium market... Ok, every personal device uses lithium batteries now(duh--right?). So the story goes.. you can't supply it fast enough. I'm not sure which one to pick yet. They all look pretty good with some extreme gaps.
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    LIEG is one of the high potential ones and I had been looking into it for the last 3 or 4 months. I think Canadian Lithium or something like that is another good one. I've heard that lithium is the next gold?
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    Here's one I'm watching now. Freaky chart. It's either up or down for the day. But y'all stay out of it til I buy first! :aetsch:
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    This one lept out at me this morning. It's a done deal at 8100 shares. As always, I'm only looking for a scalp. I've had these make as much as $1000 in a day. This one wouldn't be as much, and it MAY even dip a again. Hard to say with Europe gettin all uppity again, and DJA suggestion production issues.

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