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Thread: Lbm has come at last

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    Lbm has come at last

    After what seems a lifetime with debt the edge of the cliff is here no running away got to face up to this once and for all .Deep breath get ready to jump in hope one day to be debt free as this demon as lived with us too long it's going to be a long hard road .

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    Hi and welcome!

    First steps if you want help is to post an SOA

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    Good advice above, once you post an SOA, people can advise where cuts could be made.

    Also possible solutions to your debt problem, dependent on how much you owe etc.

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    Congratulations on your LBM, and welcome to the forums.

    Get your SOA done and up here and we can take a look - be as thorough and accurate as you can. The more honest it is, the better the advice and help that comes from those looking at it.

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    Welcome to the forum. As well as posting up your SOA figures it would be useful if you can give us a brief summary of your circumstances, so that any advice we give will be more relevant for you.

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