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    Default Swing Trading Plan

    This thread will break down the plans for Swing Trading.
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    I plan to add the OptionsMD system to this plan. I am signing up for the course tomorrow after many emails with Doc S.

    Here's the thread for his system.
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    This is Video 2 (free) for Doc S's plan. I think he does a good job of a fundamental explanation of the system. It also shows you some of the power of the ThinkorSwim software for options simulation and trading to create the Iron Condor swing trade. Keep in mind that there are a variety of trades with the system; some 2 month long some 1 week long. I will most likely not submit it for use, however, until I am confident with my skill to perform the trade successfully. This might take a couple of months. Bear in mind that the style is designed to give you far more free time, or even allow you to do the trade in parallel to your job, since it doesn't require an 8 hour per day glued to the screen approach as in day trading.
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    So how's the IC coming along?

    I'd be interested in partaking in some swing trading involving options to park some extra cash on hand for a bit of income.

    I think an access to a market order book could be useful for credit spread option strats to see where price isn't likely to go in the time frame specified.

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