Thread: Anyone ever use the Invisible Shield (ZAGG)?

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    Default Anyone ever use the Invisible Shield (ZAGG)?

    What happens to Zagg in the long term?

    • It is purchased by a larger company. Perhaps by someone like RIMM or AAPL

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    • Their patent runs out, the market is flooded, and they fail.

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    • Same as above, but Zagg recovers gracefully by continuing to be more inovative than its competitors

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    • Who cares? WWIII is coming. Worry less about saving your iPhone and more about saving your ass.

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    I have used the Invisible Shield since before the company became Zagg, Inc (ZAGG) and went public. I put it on most of my mobile devices. It really is a remarkable little covering. I've never tried any of Zagg's other products, but I am sometimes tempted to check them out.

    Anyway, because I like the product, I have kept an eye on the stock since it came on the scene, and recently it's been really ripping it up.

    I think it's a brilliant company because there will always be a market for this kind of product. And as our society gets more and more mobile there are infinite opportunities for this company to expand its product set.
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    I am wondering what the fundamentalists/long-term traders & investors think about this company? Is it possible that it could be snapped up by a larger company? What happens when their patent on this technology runs out? What are the odds that this company moves on over to the Nasdaq?

    Does anyone here own or trade this stock?
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    Some day I will probably be cursing myself for not buying this stock. I kind of already am. How many times have you heard "I shoulda bought Microsoft/IBM/Apple etc etc?" It might not get that huge, but who knows...
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    Merriman notes BBY mgmt stated that the co intends to open 40 standalone mobile-phone stores this fiscal year in an attempt to increase its market share of cell phone sales in the U.S from 3% to 15%. This would be a big positive for ZAGG, which is selling its invisibleSHIELDs in every one of BBY's stores in the U.S., including the mobile stores. Also, the attachment rate in these mobile stores is better than just the normal BBY stores. BBY 's rev contribution for ZAGG could reach $27 mln per year over the next 3-5 years, in their view. They see upcoming catalysts as possible new distribution deals, new products and a potential listing on the NASDAQ.

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