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Thread: Getting prepared for a New Year

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    Getting prepared for a New Year

    Good afternoon

    I have been on and off these threads for a long time and I have gone to start a diary many a times. I am just going to go for it and I am hoping that even if no one reads it, it will help me day by day to keep myself on track.
    My husband thinks the month before Christmas is a funny time to start really keeping track of our budget but good a time as any!
    Luckily, I have nearly finished our Christmas spends anyway as I do it throughout the year. We both usually get a Christmas bonus that will come in handy, but cannot be guaranteed.
    So, a bit of our story..
    We are a family of 4 and have been on a DMP for a couple of years now and currently owe just over 20,000. We have had to put our monthly payment down as DH was made redundant the beginning of this year when the company went into administration.
    Because we have to give StepC the lowest possible wage he can earn, we do sometimes have extra money and while we have had good intentions to put this aside, that never seems to happen.
    I write a budget every month and we rarely stick to it
    My plan is to really stick to our budget from now on and if it is not budgeted for, to wait until it is. 2018 I would like to be more prepared for all eventualities and to not have to go month to month waiting for the next pay. I am hoping to have lots more NSD'S. My DH needs a bit of a kick up the backside in this area and recently asked what I meant when I challenged him to a week of NSD'S he did not do great, but better than normal. To be honest, the next few days are not going to be great for any of us as it's only a few days away from DD'S birthday and we need cake, balloon and a couple of bits and bobs. She is having a party but that was paid for long ago and was saved for.
    I love the fact we have had no access to any credit since starting our DMP journey. Some months have been worse than others but that's life.!

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    Welcome! You might want to consider starting a diary thread in the debt free diary sub thread. You may also want to consider completing an SOA to see exactly where your spends go and where you may possibly make some savings. I'm sure you are aware of the many helpful, supportive and friendly people around here.

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    Doh! I had meant to start this thread on the Debt Free Diaries thread! Wish me luck in figuring it out

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