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    Well, I saw my doc again this AM and I am now temporarily wired shut. Actually they used about a bazillion rubber bands that connect between the fixtures they install across the upper row and bottom row of teeth. They are the most stiff rubber bands! I have a pair of pocket scissors in case of emergencies; sensation of wanting to vomit, needing to eat a Nathan's Hot Dog, stuff like that.
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    Six weeks, give or take. The good news is I can eat anything, anything I want, as long as I run it through a blender on a long and fast cycle. So far so good. Because the bones are held rather firmly in place chances are very good they will connect without the need for any further surgical invasions. I would most definitely like that!

    Speaking of blenders.... Has anyone seen these guys?
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    Actually I think Hannibal just had a wire mask. I got the real deal.

    Oh1 And good Scotch or Irish Whisky is better not blended anyhow. Long live single malts!!
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    You probably look pretty scary, but this solution sounds better than getting out the bone cutters. Glad to hear you're NOT in surgery today!
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    I'm better looking than that guy! Aren't I??

    'specially if I keep my lips closed.

    And right now my bark is worse than my bite

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