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Thread: New card. A bit confused. (Don't take much) - Jamiejoo

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    New card. A bit confused. (Don't take much) - Jamiejoo

    Going from this forums advice I've decided to take out an aqua card. It arrived yesterday with a limit of 450? Did not want that much but it's there I guess. It's used for shopping really to build credit. (Gave it too the misus&#129315 im just wondering how it works with repayments. Say I got nappies on the 6th of December. At what time would I have to pay full statement back?

    Would it be the 6th of the next month again ? Can't quite grasp it.

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    Your statement will tell you when payment is due.

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    Repayments date differ to each person. It doesn’t go by first spend of the month. You will get a statement in post and will have payment by such and such. If you wait till near payment date be careful of spending as your new spends after statement has been produce will be added onto the balance. Be careful not to spend so near the limit.

    When paying the payment give a few days buffer esp if it’s due on a Monday due to weekend or bank holidays. It could trigger late payment if you leave it so near the date and it doesn’t clear thus incurring interest and late payment fees

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    Once your statement is created you will normally have approx 3 wks before the due date arrives.

    Either, as above, leave a few days grace for the payment to reach them or set up a direct debit putting the onus on Aqua to take the payment on *time.

    *If this option is preferred, it may not be set up in time for the next statement so double check.

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