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Thread: Is it possible to claim Aqua card cashback once account is closed?

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    Is it possible to claim Aqua card cashback once account is closed?


    I found some old paperwork this weekend which showed I had an aqua reward card a few years ago, around 2014, I remember getting about 50 cashback on this over 12 months and was sent a cheque. I know I didn't ever get round to cashing the cheque, I think it expired.

    I'd closed my account by the time I realised this and called up Aqua but they said I'd have to open a new account in order for them to discuss the issue with me.

    I gave up at the time, a couple of years ago but just remembererd it again, do I have any rights or ways to claim that cashback money again, or do I have to open another account to discuss it with them or have I lost it for good?

    Any help would be great thanks.

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    Due to the timescales I would say you’ve lost it, try and find your old terms and conditions as any chance will lie in there, the onus was on you to cash the cheque as they have fulfilled there obligations.

    Write to them and see how it goes.

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    Thanks, I'll have a look for my old terms but wondered if there are any rules around expired cheques that someone might know of.

    I might well be outside the time frame to ask for a replacement cheque but I will think about writing to them, unfortunately I can't find an email to contact them on so it might have to be snail mail.

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    This is incorrect information - it's within the last 5/6 years.

    Simply put they owe you the money, they can add admin costs for the stopping & re-issuing the cheque though.

    I'd suggest you put in the request in writing and give as much info as you can e.g. old card number.

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    Simply ask for the cheque to be re-issued & see what they say - they may not charge you.

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