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    Default HUN - On Monday the 5th

    I plan on buying in for a week or two depending how it goes, what are everyone thoughts on this? I think the chart looks bullish..
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    No expert but honestly I dunno what you are looking at when you see something bullish in that chart.

    Barely turning on the MACD side, no volume, oversold, flat lined and could go back deep sea diving just as easily as this Santa Rally will end.
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    This end honestly - I would run away and not touch this with a ten foot pole, even if it happened to be someone else's pole !

    Not until it cracks its 20 Days MA at minimum would I consider it - $4.25 ish...

    Let see if other have a different opinion and a bullish one but I highly doubt it.
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    It dropped massively on a failed buyout, but they still got 1 billion out of it in a lawsuit against Hexion Specialty Chemicals.. Also a hedge fund that owned 18 million shares was shutdown so that contributed to the sharp declined. It has been trading sideways ever since.

    1. Oversold
    2. Had a few days of strong Accumulation
    3. It is at support
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    Also, it appears there is a small positive divergence, maybe I'm just seeing things. I would like to add thanks for your input! I'm still learning, but this looks to me like a 90% chance of a good profit.

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