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    Every traders know MACD(12,26), but not every traders know the others two ( MACD(6,19) and MACD(19,39). Combining the 3 periods MACD in one chart, may look very interesting.
    quote from Gerald Appel book ;
    You should maintain at least two MACD combinations a faster one for buying
    AND a slower one for selling.

    When market trends are very positive, Buy very fast AND Sell very slow. You can
    employ the 6–19 combination for buying, OR you can employ the somewhat more
    reliable 12–26 combination. The 19- to 39-Day combination is used for selling.

    When market trends are neutral to somewhat positive, Buy fast AND Sell slow.
    Use the 12–26 combination for buying. Use the 19–39 combination for selling.

    When market trends are clearly negative, Buy fast AND Sell fast. You can use the
    12–26 MACD combination for both buying AND selling, in which case you will
    sometimes be selling before the slower-moving 19- to 39-Day MACD has
    crossed from below to above 0. However, unless a stop-out takes place, the
    12–26 MACD lines should generally rise above 0 as a precondition for a Sell.
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    YHOO with MACD TMS
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    signal ( 19,39, 16 )
    should be
    signal ( 19, 39, 9 )
    for details, read Gerald Appel book Tecnical Analysis Power Tools for Active Investors, start page 165....
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    AAPL GOOG YHOO testing with data from 2000 to 2012
    blue area is the area the most number of stocks will stay .
    yellow area is the area the stocks have the highest possibility to reverse.

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