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Thread: Catching up on lost time while still young

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    Catching up on lost time while still young

    I'm coming up to 25 and been working dead end minimum wage factory jobs since I left school. While my friends all went off to uni or to travel the furthest I've travelled in those 8-9 years has been a holiday to Spain, Turkey + a few music festivals.

    I don't have any ties but about 10K to my name. Am I being a bit daft to take 6-12 months off of my life doing a bit of travelling (abroad and in the UK), finding myself a little and what I really want from life? Think I need it, the past year has been quite rough - depression/anxiety has come on leaps and bounds.

    Any similar stories? I know I'll be advised not to 'waste' my money, and to invest it, but this is why I'm suggesting doing it now - I've got the rest of my life to save and settle down.

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    I'm a bit skeptical about the benefits of travelling. When you come back, you will be 26 with no career prospects and no money. If its something you want to do, go for it but its not going to solve your problems for you. You are going to have to face the same issues whether its now or when you get back.

    It is a fresh start and can give you a fresh outlook but you can do that in this country. Why not use the money to move to a different city and start a new job there if you want a change?

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    If you are going to travel: Buy a motorhome (or some other habitable veichle) then you'll have somewhere to live and something you can sell if you really need to. Go around Europe first as Brexit will make it harder later. During your travels, you should look into starting a degree with the open university or apprenticeships/university placements/ jobs for when you return.

    Hope I helped.

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    I'd agree with using the money to get a fresh start somewhere else with a job rather than traveling, but then i dont see 25 as young at all and 10k isnt money you'll easily get again. You could buy a cheap flat up north with that as a deposit for example.

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    How would I approach moving to a different city with hardly any qualifications and experience? Where would I move intoto? Genuine questions as I've fondled this idea also.

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