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    It just turned out of the downward trend and had a good volume and upward breakout yesterday. Looking for this to go higher. At least until the 12th when the company gives its report at the Emerging Company Finance Conference in San Francisco.

    Advanced Cell Technology to Present at the OneMedForum 2010 Conference on Tuesday, January 12th
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    So whats been the story with ACTC ? I see it been heading down for a long time now!!

    I'm adding it to my watch list today cause I'm looking for a new stock to play with...
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    This has the capability of running. Its just waiting for the push. Check out what it did back in January of 09. It ran easy from levels lower than this. 500+%.

    Here is a paragraph from ACTC's website about the stem cell research for retinal disorders.

    "The Company is in the final stages of moving toward the initiation of Phase I clinical trials for its Retinal Pigment Epithelial (RPE) program which addresses a number of retinal degenerative disorders. ACT has published positive data from animal studies for the RPE cell program – completed in collaboration with the Casey Eye Institute at Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) – as well as recently announced promising results – also in collaboration with OHSU- from GLP Safety Studies and long-term efficacy studies for the RPE therapy. Currently ACT is finalizing preclinical studies for the bio-distribution of RPE and expects spiking studies to be finished in the second half of 2009. ACT expects to file the RPE program IND by the end of the year."

    They have filed (Nov 09) and are waiting to hear back from the FDA.

    The CEO was recently a keynote speaker at the Insurance Linked Securities Summit at the end of January in NYC.
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    You don't get invited to speak at those things unless you have a reason. This technology will impact the insurance world, and future stem cell research could affect life expectancy, as ACTC is also working on stem cells that could repair a damaged heart. This would then affect the growing number of institutional investors buying up life insurance policies. The older they live, the less money they make. That's a whole different topic.
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    Anyone who had been patient enough and build a position under .09 the past couple of weeks was rewarded today. The stock gaped up 15%.

    ACTC Technology has been recently featured in USA Today, Newsweek, and Scientific American. My guess is that a few reporters at the recent Insurance Linked Securities Summit took notice of ACTC's operations and wanted to dig a little deeper into the stem cell world.

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