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Thread: Penny Backing lower your credit score?

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    Penny Backing lower your credit score?

    I read this awesome book a while ago that helped me raise my score almost 80 points since the end of June.

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    Though the information was definately helpful...there was a suggestion the book made that i think may lower my score. The author talked about piggy backing on credit cards to raise my score.

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    I piggy backed on my father who has pretty good credit card accounts but I here that this will no longer be available. and that it will lower my score starting on the first of september.

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    Is there any way I can avoid this drop in my credit score? :roll:

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    Yes, I've heard that they can add our names to someone's positive credit card account for a fee. This might improve our credit scores a bit. If we have a higher score we may qualify for loans, cards etc. But this piggybacking is now being scrutinized following shady practices performed by credit repair companies.

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