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Thread: Making money with trading software?

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    Making money with trading software?

    Hi. I am looking at new ways to make some extra income and I have been talking to a financial advisor the other day and he suggested market analysis software and the HSL Smart Market System, came up a few times in the conversation. I’ve never invested my own money before, so I wanted to know basically anything about program and some experiences people have had please? I’ve spoken to one of their staff but I would like to hear it from people who have actually used it.

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    Hi EasyMoney4Me, it’s definitely a good way to make some extra income or generate capital growth, very user friendly software. I have been doing really well using it. Averaging around 11%. Made some great profits over the almost 2 years I’ve been using it. I’ve found the support extremely helpful, although it pretty much runs itself.

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    The HSL Smart Market System has been great for me. Booked an online demonstration when I first heard about it and was hooked. I learnt the basics and they guided me through my first live stock purchase. I’ve bought seven stocks so far of which 5 have turned a profit already. It is very exciting and I have stopped investing in property now and put all my investment surplus through the program.

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    Hi EasyMoney4Me, as Angela said, it is quite user friendly if that is a concern of yours. I find the interface easy to use and I can customize features based on my personal criteria. Doing well using it. Very time effective as well. 3-15 minutes a night max. Does a lot of the hard work for you too… Does it sound like what you are looking for? There are other systems out there to trade the stock market I have tried but are all manual based and very time consuming.

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    Hey there Stockspot, yes it seems to be coming across quite well so far. Good to know its user friendly. That was a big concern of mine. I will have to find out when I can arrange an online demonstration Tommy B. I didn’t realise they did that.

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    Yes EasyMoney4Me, the demonstration is free. I was enthralled as I am really into the stock market and trading using the smart market system has made it all that more exciting for me. I only wish I knew about these types of things years ago!

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    Also, the support is excellent. Online, over the phone, tutorials…. Very helpful, can’t really get lost. And there is a help tool, you can click on items of interest and bring up a help menu and you can bring up definitions of listed items. Very handy.

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    So it’s easy to use and profitable once you nail out how it all works? It does what is says it does on the tin basically?

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    It certainly does. My only regret is not knowing about it sooner myself. It’s saved me money on broker fees and I can do it all from the comfort of my couch and laptop. My next step will be moving onto their day trading system now I have the funds and time

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    You seem like you are really getting into it Stockspot!! Good on you. I would like to be where you are at now. I guess have to start somewhere.

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