Thread: Is the OST a big factor to you when rating a movie?

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    Default Is the OST a big factor to you when rating a movie?

    Is the OST a big factor to you when rating a movie? (15 votes)

    Yes 60

    No 20

    Yes, but it has no meaningful impact on a movie's quality 7

    No, it doesn't matter 13

    I've said it once on another post in Gen. Discussion, i love comics, but i really LOVE film.
    My top favorite movies of all times have beautiful soundtracks (Interstellar, Blade Runner 2049, LoTR trilogy, etc), which i often listen to to relax or when i'm doing something else.
    I honestly think it does have a meaningful impact on a movie. Films as a whole are the perfect combination of many forms of art, and good music can add an emotional value to it, or make you feel many different things by itself (Hanz Zimmer's Interstellar OST is a good example of this).
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    OST can help majorly enhance a movie, and i always appreciate a good one, but if it doesn't have an amazing soundtrack it's whatever, I won't rate it lower because of that.
    Lion King or Tarzan has my favorite soundtrack.
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    YES... One of the most underrated part of movies/shows in my opinion.
    Especially in TV shows, it's one of the major aspect to be honest.
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    Sometimes it elevates the scene to a new level.
    Remember the iconic Avengers shot?
    In the trailer it has a different more generic soundtrack and it doesn't feel as good.
    There are videos on YouTube which re edited Justice League scenes and added better Hanz Zimmer soundtracks to it and the scenes completely change.
    OST can make a movie or break it at times.
    Obviously other things also matter and all these things need to mesh well together in order to make a good movie.

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