Thread: Revisiting the Lithium Mania a Year Later

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    Default Revisiting the Lithium Mania a Year Later

    A year ago this week, I wrote about investing in lithium.

    The title of the piece hinted at my skepticism about the boom in lithium prices and lithium stocks.
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    I quoted Robert Friedland well known in the mining community for speculative forays into the sector who predicted: The lithium market will end in tears.
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    Howard was in London last weekend with his son visiting friends and colleagues.

    Howard reminded me that I had introduced him to his wife at my annual Christmas party in 1994. Fast forward 23 years, and our kids are playing together in Holland Park in London.
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    For the last two years, Howard has been recommending lithium-related stocks.

    Nine months ago, Howard launched a newsletter titled Lithium Bull which focuses on investments in the lithium space
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    As Howard puts it selfdirected speculators can make individual fortunes if they choose wisely.

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