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    Well, Amgn has been dropping for some time, Cramer keeps saying its bullish, then today, one week early, the news came out that AMGN doesn't cause death, the stock shot up over 6 mid day, closing +3.85

    Well, is it going up or down and why? The report leaves some interesting debate.
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    I entered in just after the anouncement, got in at +$63, thought it might go up to years high but it didn't, 25million shares traded instantly. It was a real rush! LOL

    Now I have to put a somewhat tight limit on it in case it drops radically in morning and if it doesn't I have to find an exit point.
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    Help me out on this Terry LOL

    The way I see it, its slightly bearish when looking at the MA, what do you or others see?

    The report itself sounds nice, but, wow, it leaves a lot open to debate.
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    Yes, I bought in at $70.05 on 2/1 and have felt the white knuckle effects of the AMGN rollercoaster. I am just in the wait and hold mode here
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    though I expect more downtrending in the near term with all the lawsuits and competition and concerns over Aranesp and Epogen. I still feel the pipeline is promising, so I remain optimisitic the stock will rebound.

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