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    Default Okanogan Valley on Fire

    I'm in the middle of it trying to keep phones running
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    Thanks for letting us know. WOW OJ I sure hate to hear that. A couple friends from a Logging FB Group have been funneling info.

    One of the things we really hope for is improvement in cell phone service as we are putting this fire distract together. We lost very valuable time last year trying to communicate with each other and the hot shots after they started to arrive. Our lines got so strung out and there is such need to know what is happening when things change or blow up.

    You my friend stay safe - keep us informed...... BTW It is getting spooky dry here again as well. These low snow years sure are the pits. Wish there was something I / we could do to help other than pray and send good thoughts your way.....
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    Thanks Rick -- my guys are in the danger zone too much but trying to hold them back is like trying to hold back a grizzly. They are determined to keep phone service working to people who are still in the burned out areas or returning. I've been working almost non-stop wit the chain of command and all our engineering and design support to try to keep our links out working. We've lost a LOT though and are just barely limping along. I did get phone service back to the area around Tonasket and Republic but we didn't get enough lines working or cell, just landlines and the 911 center and that's very limited.
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    I wish everyone dealing with this dangerous fire season our very best wishes for light winds and new moisture.
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    We are in the works now of turning up a link from Pateros to Brewster which will get us phone service back to Pateros, Twisp, Winthrop and Mazama.

    The guys are working around the clock trying to keep peoples links to the world working after the fire passes through.

    Frontier and Centurylink are working together to get links re-established as well as the local PUD...

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