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    Default CENV - Certified Environmental Group

    Closed at 002 today. +66

    Highest close since Feb, looks like plenty of room to run.

    Level II is thin on this stock, 4MMs to 007. Float is 160M, so not bad, trades thinner than that though.

    10M in volume today was 3rd highest of the year, so something is up with this one...I bought this one towards EOD, hearing news is coming...
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    Edit: Mod on CENV board from another stock board I frequent spoke to CEO (Lin Armstrong) today and posted that news was possibly coming next week, maybe thats why spike in volume today...
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    CENV closed up 250 today at 007

    007 x 0085, only 1MM left under a penny on 39M shares traded...
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    Rumored news next week looks like reality with this kind of momo!
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    4.3 Million shares outstanding (per Scottrade) and looks like it will cost .01 per to get in now.

    Not a bad bump if ya got in at 0.0020

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