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    Default Humm NASDAQ gonna touch......1750????


    It seems NASDAQ gonna touch 1750 soon. The rate cut speculation may help it as well. September durable goods orders rose 0.8, which better than the expected decline of 1.1. The report came today. This is a positive sign as well to push it up.

    So, I think, it is not tough for NASDAQ to touch 1750 for short term.
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    I'd say you are close...

    I see 1700 but personally 1730 is probably the numba we turn on...
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    NASDAQ is trying to go down more. Most of the indicators (considering daily chart) are telling that the share price of the index may keep continue to move down more.

    We know that the USA economy is weakening day by day. So, considering this weakening we may see that the NASDAQs share price may touch 1300 soon.

    For this reason I would like to have some companies of the index as SHORT and which one is weakest one.

    You may have some of then as well.
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    People, it seems that the share price of NASDAQ gonna come up another 6. The signal lines of the indicators are crossing each other (daily), these are confirming the happen.

    So, we may have some LONG stocks of the INDEX for short time.

    What do you think about it?

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