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    I wonder why MSFT is raising debt? They have plenty of cash.

    I have a strong feeling that Ballmer is going to do something stupid. At least with the steep market decline, whatever MSFT winds up buying(I'm guessing they will buy something soon) will be a lot cheaper now.
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    Looks like something might be brewing between MSFT and YHOO. Carl Icahn upped his stake in YHOO. Also a newspaper is reporting that MSFT is in talks to buy YHOO's search for $20 billion.

    IMO, MSFT would probably be a good short if they make that deal.
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    MSFT is allegedly wanting YHOO at a $20b deal, current price for yhoo is at 11.50ish if they take that said deal that should put yhoo up about 20 to bring the price to about $14.50 if these rumors are true of course, at a minimum this rumor might spark a few points without anything official anyhow, i personally might trade this deal.
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    i hope some form of strong news comes out early this morning with better facts about this deal, we will see what happens if i open my trade account at 7:01am and yhoo is already premarket at $12+ its probably going ride up a little bit. I have a feeling the market will not be able to weather the boatload of bad news this week...which is pretty much priced in mostly..
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    well before the rally it was...if yhoo can fight the current it is probably a good bet, just like "c" was a good 2-3 day trade(which who knows where that will be tomorrow with them selling parts of their company)

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