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    Default what's up with starbucks?

    they are closing over 100 stores in the U.S
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    based on their balance sheet, growth, cash flow, and conference calls.. it suggests that theres an issue with management.. not so much as products, profit, etc
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    In my neighborhood we have two Starbucks in local 'malls' that are across the street from each other.
    OK, one is in a Barnes and Noble and the other is a 'standalone' with different hours.
    Still, it doesn't take a genius to see that they are competing with each other for at least some of the same customers.

    So, Starbucks is closing over 100 stores?
    They could close one of the two in my neighborhood and help the 'yoy' performance of the other.
    This might not boost the short-term performance of the stock, but it would probably help the long-term viability of the brand.

    I think store closures are in order.
    But when those stores are closed, the question remain, "Can SBUX compete with PEET, MCD, and such upstarts as the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf company?"
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    yeah its funny to see.. theres a sbux on every 2 blocks here in nyc

    at one of the malls here, there are actually 2 sbux in the same mall

    they need to start hiring some more quality people.. yesterday i was in sbux and ordered a tall cinnamon latte and waited 10 minutes for my drink with only 1 person in front of me
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    I know right... and now if you go into a dunkin donuts you can get the same late for 75% of the price and, at least in my local branch, they are redicullously efficient, they serve a huge crowd of people fluidly.

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