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    Default You, your dad, and a friend vs a knight

    Each of you either gets a deadly non-weapon object such as a gardening fork or a baseball bat. If you've had any real combat training with an actual melee weapon you have a big advantage here and can have that weapon. The knight is battle hardened wearing full 15th century steel plate and has a well sharpened long sword. He's studied Fiore dei Liberi's teachings extensively and his flaw is his overconfidence. He laughs at the three peasants facing him and dares one of you to attack. He doesn't know that you've had twenty minutes to talk strategy. Can you, your dad, and your friend win?
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    Probably not but if you count fellow CV users as friends then probably, since most CV users (other than me) are beyond peak human with black belts in at least 3 different martial arts.

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