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    Default BIDU under pressure............?????

    Sterne Agee & Leach analyst James Lee said that a report by CCTV over the weekend into medical malpractice in China indicated some consumers may have found their way to improperly licensed or unlicensed private clinics and health centers via advertisements that came up when they searched for health-related topics on Baidu.

    By this news we can realize that BIDU is under strong pressure and weakening fundamentally. In this sense I can consider this company having as short for mid term.
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    I think BIDU cant survive for now. It is facing advertising scandal. So, I think the share price of the company may keep continue to move down. Technically (considering daily chart) the company is weak now. So, I am hoping to short this stock around 115. Would you like to add anything?
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    Seems a bit odd to me that this information is being posted over and over on a few of the news networks I just briefly checked.

    I would be cautious.
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    In my opinion BIDU is a long term hold, I missed it at $90 ish ( no ammo). But it might come back there and I won't miss it that time.
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    I see as being strong although google will catch up eventually, bidu has more familiarity in China that's what they've got going for them.

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