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    Default Where do you see Market going from here?

    I am little confused at this given period.

    Market rally died even when Oil fell down. When something like this happens and news can sustain the rally, market is either due for rest or reversal.
    eg: Oil +ve news killed Oil whole week, Financials -ve news rallied the financials.

    Today Cramer was pumping the outlook on the market by telling people to buy the stocks.(This is also one sign that market can stop rallying in a day or 2 or within a week).
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    As Seen all summer the market will continue to sell off into
    the rallies until financials stabilize whenever that happens...
    The price of oil and stocks really have no correlation.
    Although they like to make you believe that.
    Some hedge fund got too greedy in oil futures, major losses. Ospraie.
    Boone Pickens doesn't want oil to go less than 100 a barrel.
    Short the Euro, today is a guess, sell off or stock up for the next rally.
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    Those are all shorter term choices. The time is coming fairly soon when it will be a good time for a younger investor to set up an IRA that will be a grower for the longer term. Not buy and hold for 20 years, but buy and watch. IMO, you can get yield due to current low stock prices and also get capital gain for the next several years. Look at:

    NLY...ETP...NGLS....SJT....PGH...HTE...JNK....RGM. ...XTEX....NOX....PSY...DHG
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    Wow "Whole market falls(Bear Market sinks all sectors)" came into action today.

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