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    Those of you new to the game (or old). Take a couple to minutes to do a little money saving DD on your own.

    Might save you some pain.
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    Thanks for that! It's easy to get caught up in the hype sometimes.
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    Funny how people will chase a piece of crap BB or OTC stock for .00000000002 cents but will ignore reputable and stable companies that are pushing up on momentum.

    Nothing is guaranteed (even with the big boys), but keep the odds in your favor at least!! I don't see BRCM losing 75 in a day along with all my money.

    Would you rather play blackjack with small house advantage or a slot machine in the airport (92)? 5 cent slot vs 5 dollar black jack with the best odds in the house?
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    I think this should be bumped every morning around 9 and a couple more times during trading. Well done luc.
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    People like to hope they have the winning lottery ticket, instead of putting that money into savings, just like cheap stocks and I imagine it looks very alluring to new traders. This is probably due to the easy access to the market to everybody, and if you've only got a couple grand, you're going to look at something like XOM, GOOG, AAPL, etc and think "how the hell am I going to get rich buying those overpriced stocks?, but if I buy this spooz stuff that the guy on cramers forum said was going to take off....why, I could be a millionaire!" The brokers that open accounts for the smaller players are not doing them many favors imo.

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