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    Default Only Price and Time as Indicators

    Buy the lowest low, Sell the lowest high and get out withing a few minutes.

    Of course price and time scalping works in a liquid market (emini S&P). And, the time of day matters with mornings and late afternoon as the strongest profit takers.

    Does anyone else trade like this?

    Do you have an indicator that would filter this type of trade?

    What is your opinion of this style?
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    Yes - I trade similar in the FX market

    I look for interim and daily highs and lows and then trade the other way until I have a profit before a rinse and a repeat.

    I do use a few more clues other than just price and time and the main indicator to assist is Linear regressions all based on a tick or 1 min chart for absolute minimum lag effect.

    I trade normally 3- 6 key FX pairs and take on average between 10 -20 trades every day

    In fact I do things the commercial world say cannot be done and make consistent profits every day

    It works in all conditions and I started to develop my own method approx 8 yrs ago after 3 years of only average results and have used it for over 6 years on a full time basis

    Its impossible to just copy and will take thousands of live screen hrs and and loads of practice to get to a high skill level

    Once you are there - its the next best thing to the "holy grail"

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