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    When there is a take over/buyout as this weekend with JPMorgan/BSC, what typically happens to the stock of the shareholders that are being bought out? I thought either two things could happen, correct me if I'm wrong..

    (A)BSC shareholders would give up their shares at the purchase price ($2!!!!)
    (B)BSC shareholders would get shares of the new company

    If either/both of the scenerios above are an option.....

    (A) IN two trading days, some poor souls will end up with losing all of their shares for TWO freaking dollars from $57?

    (B) How do they decide the # of shares one would receive?

    Or (C)...You're way off NewB...this is what really will happen.

    Thanks again.:beerglass::biggrin::beerglass:
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    If the stock isn't halted tomorrow, I would expect it would open somewhere below $2

    at that point, shareholders could sell, or they could hold (assuming they dont' get margin calls), and eventually, if the deal goes through, they'll get 0.05473 shares of JPM for each share of BSC that they hold. Or about 1 share of JPM for every 18 shares of BSC that they own
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    This is a stock deal. You will get .05 of a share of JPM...or, at the moment....$2.00

    Yes, the people who piled in over the last few days thinking they were buying "cheap" stock are wiped out. The losses will be astrosnomical. You will see people literally jumping out the window when they are told to come up with tens of thousands of dollars on Monday.

    Old rule of thumb: don't buy sick stocks.
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    Why would an individual shareholder have to come up with thousands??? Don't understand.......I just view it as...I owned something at one time that was worth ~57 now is worth 2.....
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    Jesus...duh, didn't think of that....

    Wow, what a killer that margin can be!!
    I couldn't even imagine something like that happening.:thumpdown:

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