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    Default BSC up +$7-8.. WOW

    iam playing with fire and its still burning... on good side.
    been trading in/out up today $5K in 3hrs..
    i am going hold few shares long to go above $10 and also cover my shares when the price drops.

    something is up in wall street...
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    pure luck and guts here.. sweated few times last 2 days of trading..
    i just jump back in at 5.50 at open and sold at 6.25 and got back in at 6.15 and now holding... see what happens.

    murphy's law. i bought it at 3.23 on monday, sold end of the day for quick $3K profit(didnt want to hold over nite). if i had kept it now it would have been $20+K profit BUT you can't get too greedy.
    thank God for what you take...
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    here rumors on the street.. shareholders will refuse the offer,
    by time for BS to recover and try to get back to their feet.
    have 12month cushion from fed.. etc...

    this is day traders dream stock to buy and trade.
    its roller coaster ride today.. nice.........
    wish all luck...

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