Thread: gap in after/premarket, a limit/market order gets filled?

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    Default gap in after/premarket, a limit/market order gets filled?

    I guess it just depends which broker I use. I have sogotrade. I guess I will email them but I am wondering, if I am long/short a stock and I have a stop loss on it (either limit or market) and if it goes against me in the after hours or premarket, I am just screwed and my stop loss will be negated?
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    Stops do not work during off hours. Because the Bid/ask widens out too much and would cause triggers all the time. Another reason I never use them.
    However it can be triggered as soon as the market opens and if it is a market order it will hit the first available price (which can REALLY screw you)...if it is a limit it will put in an order at the price and sit until cancelled or filled.
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    thanks for your reply, I was thinking no one would help me.

    well that sucks. Yeah a market order could screw me bad but a tank (or spike if i'm short) in after/pre on a limit stop might not hit the bid and I'd be screwed either way. I guess I would need a broker that offers pre/after market. I really don't understand why it's so like abnormal for brokers to offer trades in after/pre, so much can go on. Not everyone is day trading, some want to swing/hold, and after/premarket moves can destroy.
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    Actually it's abnormal for a broker to NOT offer off hours trading. Who is your broker?
    The only real way to manage risk is at order entry by staying small. Stops are useless in my opinion. Trade small and live to trade another day.

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