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    Default Will MSFT buy RIMM?


    It seems like it would make sense for msft to pick up RIMM. MSFT doesn't seem to have a pipeline of impressive products. It doesn't seem likely that msft will make annother bid for yahoo.
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    I have an honest question if you think MSFT will buy RIMM...

    Do you understand any of the business of either MSFT or RIMM, honestly?
    This would never happen. Ever.
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    I think if anything it'd go the other way around with RIMM buying out MSFTs mobile sector....buying the rights to put their blackberry OS on MSFT based phones.

    Just my humble opinion.
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    There seem to be a lot of rumors that RIM will get purchased. It seems like a good take over target for some big cap tech company.
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    Unless they're getting taken out at $95 I'll still be in the hole.

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